how can memorial birmingham benefit you

memorials birmingham hall is located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The architectural style of this hall is Art Deco. Construction of this hall was started on 12 June 1923 and opened on 4 July 1925. This memorial Birmingham hall was made up of Portland stone with unique design and structure and there will most commonly be a headstone for each person who the memorial is being held for. The architect who designed this hall was S.N. Cookie, W. Norman Twist, and Albert Toft. Contactor who involved in the construction of Memorial Birmingham hall was John Barnsley and Sons, John Bowen and Sons.

This Memorial Birmingham hall was designed to memorialize the citizens who died in the world war. Around 12,320 people died in the World War. Family members of died citizens in Memorial Birmingham there every year to Memorialize. This place is properly maintained by the government for local people. People generally go there every year on the death anniversary of their loved ones who died in the World War. This hall was opened by Prince Arthur of Connaught in the year of 1925 and around 30,000 people were present. Around the exterior four statues were also built. These statues were built in Memorial Birmingham by Albert Toft. These four statues generally represent the Navy, Air Force, Army, and women services.

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